A Scotsman, his son, and a Swede.

Imagine Stockholm in the beginning of the nineteen eighties. It´s a time of conflicts. The punk era is about to end and be replaced by poodle rockers and new romantics. The punkers, inspired by the uncompromising voices of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren would never give in and would fight for non-conformity and anti-authoritarianism. They would never sell out their ideals or let anyone one touch their symbols.

At the coolest, most punk, street in Stockholm at the time Gamla Brogatan, a Scotsman opened a new store called Cloz. His idea was to create a modern store with t-shirts and other music related merches. In the store you could find t-shirts with prints of Duran Duran or Twisted Sisters hang next to one featuring the Sex Pistols. The store was smashed to pieces by the punkers after being open for less than a week.

2022 – the Scotsman´s son and a swede founded Éadaí. Éadaí is old Irish for “clothes” and is a brand specializing in quality wool tartan accessories.  The son; Sean Schildt Gillion and the swede; Gustav Ressle both with educations in art theory and longtime experiences of working at the most contagious venues in the Stockholm club scene, wants to combine the heritage tartans with contemporary edge and attitude.  Éadaí is tartans for the 21st century. Tartans filled with ancient history, Vivienne Westwood punk and future. With Éadaí we want to give birth to new clans. Clans that feel no borders, no restrictions and not obeying the rules. Join our movement.



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